My fellow Hoosiers. It’s an honor to once again discuss with you this evening the state of our state and the work before us to make life better for all Hoosiers. This annual update will be unlike any other. For tonight, I stand before you in a studio with nothing in between me and you. We’re not surrounded by all the grandeur inside the State House of Representatives Chamber or before a packed house of legislative leaders and guests who have all contributed so much to the well-being of our great state. Rather, we are here, and not there, because we are living in a time when practicing “safety first” has never been more important. So much of our daily lives this past year has been different: The way we interact with family and friends. The way, the when, the where, and the how we work. How we go to school. How we enjoy our leisure. How we deal with the grip and grief of loneliness and loss, including the 9,000 Hoosiers who have died of COVID-19 over just the last 10 months. And how we process our sense that our country itself is not immune from the type of turmoil that afflicts so many other national capitols. It’s impossible to calculate the far reaching ripple effect of the personal and community loss of lives and livelihoods, but it is reason for us all to pause in a moment of silence – in prayer, if so inclined – for […]