I started out as a backpacker, then a tent camper, then (when the babies started coming) a tent-trailerer (no sleeping on the ground anymore) then I got my first trailer. The smaller the better, since my idea of camping is to be outdoors, to be camping, to be hiking, fishing, boating — not sitting inside watching television — unless it’s raining, snowing, blowing, nighttime, or snuggle time. The more time I spend OUTSIDE of my trailer, the better camping experience I have. Yes, I have a little flatscreen with a blu-ray player and a draw full of movies. I prefer to cook outside — unless conditions as above described, make it preferable to cook inside. You scored a beautiful little trailer — congratulations. The more you can boondock — get out in the woods away from RV Parks and cheek-to-jowl campgrounds, the more your trailer will prove it’s worth. Have fun!