Fox News espoused the election-fraud conspiracy theory––a theory that ultimately led to the seditious riots at the Capitol––some 800 times, even after it called the election for Joe Biden . The result of that nonsense: Donald Trump became the only president ever impeached twice . The case will likely not go to the Senate until Joe Biden is president. Newspapers around the country, including The Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Baltimore Sun, Capital Gazette, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer and USA Today have all published vehement criticisms of Donald Trump , following the violence he stoked among right-wing rioters, which led to the storming and brief occupation of the U.S. Capitol. That event followed a rally in which Donald Trump once more claimed to have been the victim of a rigged election . Earlier this week, Louie Gohmert, a Congressman from Texas, has suggested that “violence on the streets is last resort for Trump supporters who hope to get their man in office despite his loss in a, you know, legitimate election. Security experts have warned that the right-wing embrace of conspiracy theories represents mass radicalization , a claim borne out following the dramatic events after the election, QAnon supporters have vowed to leave the GOP, possibly forming a party of their own . Many of the mob involved in the violence at the Capitol were wearing QAnon logos or holding up Q-related signs. During the election, A 20-year-old voting contractor in Georgia is facing death threats after a […]