25 YEARS AGO – Ventriloquist comic Jeff Dunham performs with Peanut and Jose Jalapeno on a Stick, last night, on the Mary Linn Performing Arts stage at Northwest. “Just show me how and I can do it,” said Nick Kohlleppel, a confident industrial arts student, at Northeast Nodaway R-V, in regards to construction work. Some of his confidence may come from his work in an industrial arts program which gives students practical training while incorporating academics and improving the school facilities. Students have had a major role in construction and improvements of a new facility in Ravenwood and an addition in Parnell. “I’ve learned how to do a lot of things,” Kohlleppel said. “It’s been an excellent experience.” Along with instruction from industrial arts instructors Tom Toalson and Mike Nutter and traditional activities in the workshop, students watch contractors and participate when possible. Toalson said after students watched a surveyor work on site, the surveyor then gave a talk about the need for math in his profession. Aside from the excellent hands-on experience, Toalson said there is a strong emphasis on incorporating academics into the program. 300×250 image ad Michael Rietz took over as Maryville’s new city manager on Monday, and he didn’t hesitate to dive into the deep end, even dealing with city business at a city council meeting that night. “That’s kind of the nature of this business,” said Rietz, 39, sitting in his new second-floor office at Maryville City Hall. “It has been a very busy […]