Image source: Getty Images While it doesn’t influence our opinions of products, we do receive compensation from partners whose offers appear here. We’re on your side, always. See our full advertiser disclosure here . Millions of Americans lost their jobs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic . Even if you managed to stay employed this year, you may still have had to manage reduced working hours and subsequent income loss . And that, in turn, may have led to unhealthy debt. If you’ve had a hard time financially in 2020, you’re probably eager to turn things around in the coming year. Here’s how. 1. Get on a strict budget You may only have limited financial resources at your disposal at the start of 2021, but you can make the most of them by getting yourself on a tight budget . That means only spending money on essentials or reasonable extras, and banking the rest of your income. By “reasonable extras,” we’re including the $10 a month or so you might pay for a streaming service. When you’re stuck home during a pandemic, you need some type of entertainment. But most non-essential spending will need to be cut so you can work toward financial health. 2. Work on building an emergency fund Many people who struggled financially in 2020 did so because they didn’t have money in a savings account to fall back on. Building an emergency fund will put you in a strong position to handle future financial […]