This week famous RV YouTubers, Enjoy The Journey Life shared their best boondocking spot ever. And, that’s a big statement considering they’ve been RVing for many years. The spot is a free, beachfront campsite. You can park 15 feet from the water. When they broke the news today, we totally understood why. We’ve camped at the very same site and agree with their assessment. Want to find out the details? Read on! Dispersed camping on a beach with a Class B RV. What Is Boondocking? If you’ve never heard of the term boondocking, fear not. It’s only recently become popular. Boondocking is camping off-grid on public land. It’s usually free, and it rarely has any amenities. Boondocking takes place mostly on federal lands like BLM , National Forests, and Recreation Areas. But, it can also happen on state, county, and city lands. When you go boondocking, you’ll need to provide your own water, energy, and waste management. Pro Tip : Here are our 20 favorite boondocking sites in the USA . Where Is Explore The Journey Life’s Favorite Boondocking Spot? The boondocking spot is on a public beach in Texas. It’s called Magnolia Beach, and it’s located about 50 miles northeast of Corpus Christi. Here’s the video from Enjoy The Journey Life . The site is easy for all size RVs to access. You don’t have to venture far off a paved road to get a sweet waterfront view. The sand is so hard-packed that Class A RVs can […]