So I (37F) and my Husband (36M) have 8 kids(ages 3-13). All of them are adopted which is kinda important later. We RV fulltime in our travel trailer. So far it’s been amazing and we have had so many amazing experiences. Also important to mention my husband and oldest daughter are deaf.(So are most of my kids but it’s not very important to this story) Anyways a few days we wanted to go to a town but there was only really one thing we wanted to see there so we decided we would get to the RV park in the afternoon on Friday and the kids would finish school and we would spend the night there and then on Saturday morning we would pack up the RV go to the thing we wanted to see and then from there go to a different state where we are staying for a week. So when we arrived on Friday we started getting the RV unpacked. There were little tables with picnic benches outside of each RV and at the lot in front of us there was an elderly man sitting at the picnic tables. My kids are very well behaved and know that they shouldn’t be very loud especially when we’re in a park where the RV’s are very close together. But the second we got out of the car the man was just staring at us, we get stares a lot but it was more angry than confused. He then […]