Margaret Simpson’s career has always been more about the journey than one particular destination. Still, Simpson’s journey unfolds against a single backdrop — the economic future of her tribe. Her fall 2020 graduation from UNLV with a master’s degree in Hospitality Administration (MHA) signaled a commitment to taking her position with the tribe’s main economic driver —The Mill Casino — to the next level. It is a heavy lift considering the major responsibility Simpson feels as a member and representative of the Coquille Nation in southwestern Oregon. But her pride as a native woman is a constant source of fuel, moving her toward the skills that will most impact her community. Tell me about your home. I’m from Myrtle Point, Oregon, about 30 minutes southeast of North Bend. That’s my ancestral homeland where my people have thrived since the beginning of time. We (the Coquille Tribe ) lived and survived on the Coquille River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean at Bandon, Oregon. We are an assimilation tribe, meaning the majority of our people live in our ‘service-area.’ The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park is our flagship business, which provides revenue to fund essential tribal programs such as education, health care, and elder assistance. What made you want to pursue a graduate degree with a gaming focus? Really, it wasn’t my intention to have a long-term career in gaming; but about a year into my previous role (as executive assistant to The Mill Casino’s general manager), I was […]