EDITOR Truth be told, I’m bored. Like most of you, I suspect, I am ready for this pandemic to go away. Let’s hope all goes well with the vaccine and we can get back to normal at least by next summer. I, for one, will jump right in line to be vaccinated as soon as I’m eligible. Gail and I had planned to head down the Oregon coast again this year and then cut inland in southern Oregon or northern California, then make our way for Christmas to my aunt’s small orange grove ranch south of Fresno. But, nope, too many restrictions going on especially in California, so we cancelled our reservations and will stay put. I’m sad to miss the ocean: Even in stormy weather, it’s so beautiful, and the air so fresh and clean, and most times you have the beach all to yourself. Whatever stress you’re experiencing releases with the roar of the ocean and each pounding wave. And the smell of the ocean is one of life’s greatest delights. Gail and Archie on the Oregon beach last year at this time, back in BC times (before COVID). It’s the rainy season in Western Washington. It’s gloomy here this time of year. The days are short. On cloudy days, you may need to turn your car headlights on by 3:30. Gail and I are lucky: We have a comfortable house with a back yard that’s like a small park. So no complaints. And our little terrier, […]