EDITOR What modification have you made to your RV that has had the most positive impact on your RV lifestyle? That thought came to me in the shower this morning. Here’s why. As I enjoyed the initial pleasure of the warm water, I noticed the drain was backing up — a full gray water tank! I routinely keep the gray water tank closed until it’s full or almost full, as we all should do. For most RVers in my situation, dumping the tank would mean drying off, dressing and going outside to pull the cable valve — or convincing your partner to do the same. In bad weather this chore is no fun (you know that, don’t you?). But, for me, I simply stepped out of the shower, took a step and flipped a switch on the wall. The tank began to empty as I returned to my shower. So easy! I bet you can’t do that! To dump my tanks, I push the switches on the wall, one for the gray tank, the other for the black tank. There is no need to go outside to perform the chore. A company called Drain Master, of Hollister, Calif., installed the electronic valve system three years ago (it’s a fairly easy do-it-yourself project, too). I have never had to step outside to dump my tanks since then, although I could if I wished to (there’s another switch in the sewer control bay). I will never own another RV without this […]