I’ve read more than a handful of post on max distance per day and I’ve seen most people around the 200-400 miles per day. Does what you’re towing and what you’re towing with matter? It sounds to an uneducated me, that the low distance is due to the added stress/concentration with towing. “White knuckling” probably doesn’t help either. So if I was driving cross country does it matter or make a difference if my TV is a 1/2 ton or 1 ton? Of course the 1 ton will have a larger fuel tank, but beyond that, will a 1 ton make the overall drive “easier” which would equate to “further distance”? We have one 1,800 mile trip that we would like to do as quick as possible and curious what that looks like in a 1 ton diesel towing 7500 lbs. Thanks for any insight!