The truck: 2016 f150 crew cab 5.5 bed, v8, 3.55 gear. Equalizer hitch, factory brake controller, trailer tow package The stats: Payload (from sticker): 1930 Tow capacity: 10,100 GVWR: 6800 GCWR: 15200 Use case: try to be once a month weekend warriors with 95% percent of trips around 2 hours, most around 1 (we like to get there with light remaining Friday after work). Maybe once a year a longer 4-5 hour to the beach. Southeast, so fairly flat and almost any mountains would be beginning of the Appalachians. Would one year like to go to Disney, but that’s a bit away. By my calculations, even if truck is loaded with an 8k trailer, and almost max my remaining payload I’d have 400 lbs of gcwr left over (clarifying edit hanks to WeakEmu) I’m thinking with my use case, I could get up to an 8k wet trailer and start within all limits, but closer to 7500 would be better. I would appreciate the wiggle room to 8 if there was a floor plan we loved. How’s my math looking? Any thoughts on max trailer weight with that setup?