You can understand the impulse that led Chelsea Clinton to tweet a “cute” anecdote about her 4-year-old son celebrating this week’s inauguration of Joe Biden . Certainly Hillary Clinton’s daughter has plenty of reasons to cheer the ignominious exit from politics of the man who spent half a decade vilifying her mother and encouraging his supporters to cheer for her imprisonment (or worse). That doesn’t mean she should have done it—and you shouldn’t do it with your own kids, either. Obviously the children of politicians and celebrities don’t deserve to be attacked, critiqued, put under the microscope by the public or the media—whether we’re talking about Barron Trump , Claudia Conway , or even Chelsea Clinton herself, whose treatment by right-wing media when she was a child ranks high on the chart of The Most Terrible Things Rush Limbaugh Has Said (it’s a really big chart). Clinton seems to realize this—she defended Barron after a conservative media outlet criticized the then-president’s Very Tall tween son for dressing like…a tween—so she can also realize that she shouldn’t use her own kids as a mouthpiece for expressing her personal politics. Because that’s exactly what she’s doing: Little Aidan’s quip may strike his mom as particularly share-worthy, but she should have texted the story to her mom instead, and given her child—who, as a 4-year-old, has no political opinions about anything other than his right to on-demand snacks—some goddamn privacy. Kids aren’t political Speaking of the Clintons, I was around 11 during […]