Photo: Mario Tama (Getty Images) For all the money and elbow grease that was poured into developing the COVID-19 vaccines, you’d think that vaccinating people is a top-priority project. But precious few resources have been given to any efforts to actually get the vaccine into people’s arms. We don’t have an organized, efficient system. Instead we have vaccines being wasted in some places and unavailable in others . I have faith that the process will eventually get ironed out, now that there is actually a national COVID plan . What helps, ironically, is that we’ve seen the ways that each state’s vaccination plan can fail. In New York, for example, hefty fines were meant to deter healthcare providers from vaccinating VIPs who weren’t in priority groups. But under those rules, providers who were left with extra vaccine at the end of the day had to trash the doses instead of being able to give them to employees or patients who weren’t on the list. (The rule has since been amended .) As a result, Melinda Wenner Moyer writes at the New York Times , sometimes people feel guilty if they’re able to get a vaccine but aren’t in a priority group. Maybe you’re grocery shopping in D.C. when the pharmacy is closing for the day , and are randomly offered a shot. Or maybe you’re able to sign up for an appointment through work, while your more vulnerable elderly relatives can’t get through the state portal . If this […]