Photo: Jakkrit Kongsudee (Shutterstock) The Better Business Bureau is warning people not to fall for “like farming” social media scams that offer prizes in exchange for engagement, such as Likes or comments. The tricky thing is that some contests are legit, so you’ll need to know how to spot the fake ones. How the scam works You might see posts on social sites like Facebook or Instagram promoting a giveaway, promising cash, gift cards, or other big-ticket items like RVs , which can be “won” by liking or commenting on the post. Of course, these prizes don’t actually exist. So what’s the catch, especially if you’re just liking or commenting on a post? As the Better Business Bureau puts it: As with many scams, this technique, known as “like-farming,” has several different aims. Often, the giveaway post itself is initially harmless – albeit fake. But when the scammer collects enough likes and shares, they will edit the post and add something malicious, such as a link to malware. Other times, once scammers reach their target number of likes, they strip the page’s original content and use it to promote spammy products or sell it on the black market. Scammers take advantage of the fact that giveaways can be legitimate promotions, although the fake ones are easier to spot if you know what to look for. How to spot a giveaway scam A second look at a social media post should offer some clues. Have you ever seen the account […]