The Lone Star State is an entity unto itself. Possessing all the natural resources it would need to become its own country, if Texans so desired. The one thing you won’t find much of in Texas, however, is snow.

But, can you actually find snow in Texas at all?

Today we’re talking about “the where and the when,” when it comes to snow in the Lone Star State.

This begs the question: Does it snow in Texas? Texas Snow Report

Since the boundaries of this state are spread far and wide, you will get a different answer to that query from differing locations throughout Texas.

Ask a Houstonian and the answer will be a resounding, “Nope!” But push a farmer from Amarillo for his answer and you will hear, “Heck, yeah!”

Keep in mind, driving from its northernmost border to the southern tip of Texas will take two days.The same can be said for a road trip from east to west Texas.With acreage like that, it is easy to see why the second largest state in the US has a wide variety of climates, generating all kinds of weather. So snowfall on South Padre Island may be a miracle but just a common nuisance in the Texas Panhandle.Every once in a while the snow line may inch down to central regions of the state. But a more likely scenario is an ice storm. How Often Does it Snow in Texas? Snow most often occurs in the panhandle, but be forewarned. It usually […]