When you’re at home or in your RV, do you wear slippers around? Speaking of slippers, did you know the word “slipper” was first recorded in English in 1478? That means feet have been cozy for 543 years! The term was given to these cozy indoor shoes because of the verb “slip” – because, of course, you just slip ’em right on! If you’re reading this from Japan, we’re sure you’re wearing slippers right now. In Japan it’s customary to remove your shoes when entering an establishment and exchanging them for a pair of slippers. Yup, if you go to Japan, you’ll be eating your sushi in slippers (actually… that doesn’t sound so bad…). Perhaps you should invest in a pair like this … hmm? Please tell us in the poll below if you wear slippers at home or in your RV. We want to know who has cozy feet!