endurance pickup nfui By Russ and Tiña De Maris We wrote earlier about Endurance, the electric pickup truck. It’s the genius of startup builder Lordstown Motors . The company has formed an alliance with Camping World to act as a seller and service point for the coming EVs. Now the air is crackling with more news of the electric pickup. 100,000 reservations Earlier this week, Lordstown crowed that it now has 100,000 reservations for its new pickem’up. How does that translate to orders? While the interest shown is significant, like Grampa always said, “Don’t count your money until it’s in your fist.” The “reservations” are non-binding. Interestingly, the average potential customer (if they follow through) is buying 600 trucks each. We’re not sure how many RVers would buy more than one pickup, let alone 600 of them. It seems all these reservations are from commercial fleet operators. Government entities have expressed interest but can’t place an “order” until the truck is actually in production, which won’t be until later this year. While production hasn’t yet fired up, Lordstown does have a prototype truck (pictured). You’ll note it is a full-size rig, which the company is promoting as “designed for fleet operation.” Note those words, if you will. They may become significant to RVers and other family-type buyers down the road. Will you need endurance if you buy Endurance, the electric pickup? 250-mile range The claimed range of Endurance is 250 miles. Once again, we point out that’s not too […]