Screenshot: David Murphy I’ve been a fan of The Great Suspender extension for years. Even when Google would drop new features into its Chrome browser to reduce the resources inactivate browser tabs eat up, I still trusted The Great Suspender to “inactivate” them for me to lessen the load on my system. But The Great Suspender has recently proven untrustworthy, and it’s probably time to say goodbye. Dr. Colin McMillen, lead developer at SemiColin Games, puts it succinctly: Here’s the longer story: The Great Suspender has a new maintainer (formerly Dean Oemcke), and this unknown entity dropped a few silent updates to new builds of the extension allowing it to connect to various third-party servers and execute code. The extension suddenly started asking for new permissions as well, like an all-encompassing ability to mess with your browser’s web requests. As Github’s TheMageKing wrote in November of last year: “That lets the extension do what it pleases, including inserting ads, blocking sites, forcible redirects…. This change was supposedly in order to enable new screenshot functionality, but that was unclear.” They continued: “On November 6th, @lucasdf discovered a smoking gun that the new maintainer is malicious. Although OpenWebAnalytics is a real software, it does not provide the files executed by the extension. Those are hosted on the unrelated site, which turns out to be immensely suspicious. That site is one month old, and is clearly designed to appear innocent, being hosted on a public webhost, and being given a seemingly […]