We are celebrating our neighbor, Perri, and her remarkable accomplishment of being honored as Employee of the Month at the United Supermarket on Midland Drive. I remember meeting Perri outside of the shelter one cold morning in 2018. She was quiet and kind, but I couldn’t help but wonder what her story was. At the time, she was working at the southside Walmart. Every day she walked several miles to and from work, rain or shine. Over time, I started to learn some things about her. First thing she wanted me to know was that she loved Jesus. She always wanted to pray when I brought breakfast, and I loved that. She also volunteered to help with the children at the Redeemer Sunday evening church service. She and a few other women staying at the shelter were waiting on a housing program, and they were allowed to stay well over the normal 90-day time limit. It ended up being just shy of a year for Perri. It was clear that she was ambitious and driven despite her challenging circumstances. She worked hard and bought herself a vehicle. Then she switched jobs and went to work at a barbecue joint downtown washing dishes. The other two women were accepted into the housing program near the end of 2019, but Perri was disqualified due to a technicality. Her name was on the deed of a mobile home that her family lived in, and even though she didn’t live there and couldn’t […]