Brookside Funeral Home & Crematory David Lucas Brush died peacefully at Blossom Place in Yakima, WA on January 17, 2021. Dave was born on June 30, 1927 at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Yakima, WA to John B. Brush and Chlora Lucas Brush. Dave was the second son to the family. Dave’s parents bought the H & H Garage and Service Station in Yakima in 1929 and operated it all through the Depression and WWII. Dave grew up in an automotive environment and all things mechanical became 2nd in nature to him. He used the experience for the rest of his life. Dave was a member of the Yakima High School Class of 1945 and so spent all of his high school years in a tumultuous and confusing wartime environment. When Dave was a senior in high school, he was is a bad car accident and missed his graduation in 1945, thereby his graduation was delayed until 1945-1/2. He ultimately missed the final months of WWII. He entered Washington State College (WSU) in 1946. While there, he pledged and joined Alpha Tan Omega Fraternity and remained a committed ATO the rest of his life. At the outset of the Korean War, Dave was drafted into the Army in March 1951, trained at Camp Roberts in California as an infantry man and sent to Korea in October 1951. Due to a strange set of circumstances, which he never completely understood, he ended up in a preventative medical unit where he attained […]