Front dashboard reformed – RVT Do you have that special picture or piece of art that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in your RV, but you want it anyway? What if you transformed your dashboard into an inviting entryway? That’s what I did. I chose not to part with an original art piece after selling our house. It was the perfect size for the front against the backdrop of the windshield, but too large to sit on a stand. Letting the picture lean against the curtains wouldn’t work. Then the idea struck: Why not turn our dash area into an entryway? So how does one create the illusion of an entryway or hallway table? Create a faux wall. We crafted a faux wall by gluing thin vinyl material to aluminized bubble wrap cut to fit our windshield. An added benefit? Thermal insulation for excessive heat and cold, and it gives the look of a table against a wall versus curtains or just the dashboard. Next, we added a wood tray to accommodate a lamp and accessories to complete the impression of an entryway. We’ve seen dashboards lined with plants, many with stuffed animals and some just become a catch-all. Some use the steering wheel as a table covered in a fashionable tablecloth hosting a lamp as the first thing you see when entering their coach. Elegant and practical. We’re still contemplating that. The only thing left is to hang the picture from the overhead cabinet.