Hello! Shopping around for a new (motorized) RV. We’ve been in a 30′ travel trailer since 2017- put about 30k miles on it all around the country (Maine was the farthest east, Grand Canyon farthest west) spending 60+ days at a time out on the road. We’re moving to something motorized. We have pets and want to take longer trips and motorized is the only comfortable option. I’ve been looking at Class C’s and have now stumbled upon some <30ft Class A's. Used Allegro Breeze 28 specifically. I love the room that they afford but I'm concerned about mobility. I've hauled our 30ft TT through all kinds of situations, but i'm curious to get some input from you full timers about where you can/can't go with a Class A due to the height/width, turning radius, etc. Do you guys ever run into low clearance situations, etc? Our next planned trip is north out of TX to ND, east to WA, south through CA, and then westward back home. I'd love to hear some stories, experiences, advice.