CHILLICOTHE — When Evelyn Ramsey was about 15 years old, a boy at school asked her to go to the movies. She said she would but only under the condition that her friend, Robert Bowers, come too. It was 1943 and less than a year later, Evelyn and Robert began dating. Childhood friends who later became high school sweethearts, the couple spent 80 years together. Evelyn passed away at home on New Year’s Eve and just four days later, Robert died in the hospital. “Some people in the family say it’s a blessing that they went together,” said Sam Bowers, one of the couple’s sons. “Of course it’s hard to say goodbye to one. It’s hard to say goodbye to both, but they’ve been together for so long.” Bob and Evelyn were both born in Chillicothe in 1928. They each grew up in large, tight-knit families that became acquainted in the 1940s. At school, Bob met Evelyn after befriending her brothers. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be playing at the residence and for Mrs. Ramsey to scold him to run home before it was too dark. As soon as they were old enough, about 15 or 16, Bob and Evelyn began dating. Not long after, Bob enlisted in the United States Air Force and graduated from Chillicothe High School. He and Evelyn wed on Christmas Eve in 1949. About a year later, Bob Bowers Jr. was born in Chillicothe. When Bob received his orders from the Air Force, […]