Photo: McJeff (Shutterstock) Forget trying to call the IRS about your second COVID relief check—the lines are clogged. As of Monday, their Get My Payment tool is the easiest way to know if your new payment has been sent. What the ‘Get My Payment’ tool will tell you The tool isn’t perfect but it’s your best place to start, as the IRS’ phone lines have been overwhelmed by demand. Plus, according to the IRS , the staff on the other end of the line “do not have any additional information beyond what’s available online,” so there’s no need to call their offices for relief check updates. Here’s what the tool (should) tell you: Whether your second stimulus payment has been sent. Whether your first stimulus payment has been sent (for people who received their first payment in partial payments, the application will show only the most recent payment). Your payment type: direct deposit or mail. The IRS is sending payments on a schedule , so if your payment schedule is set, the tool will show you the date. What you’ll need to know You’ll need to plug in your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, date of birth, street address, and postal code. The IRS updates its status tracking information once a day, overnight, so don’t waste your time checking it every hour. If you try to access the tool during a busy period, you may wait in a queue before you can enter your information. If […]