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PLEASE don’t buy me anything. Full-time RVers don’t need more “stuff”!

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Photo Credit: asenat29/Wiki Commons I know you love me but PLEASE don’t buy me anything. We are full-time RVers and are packing up the motorhome after five months at the same site. It is amazing how much stuff we have out and how much we have accumulated in a short amount of time. It is also quite dismaying to find my “spots” for everything overflowing with over-abundant Amazon purchases and the wonderful presents that have been graciously gifted to me. Instead of buying groceries by […]

Hello Gamers, Aukey’s KM-G12 RGB Keyboard Is Down to $39

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Photo: Elizabeth Henges Hello, gamers. For a short time, you can grab an AUKEY KM-G12 RGB Mechanical Keyboard for a low $39 with the code LML7QYBY. It’s 30% off the original list price of $55, so you’ll be saving a couple of bucks. One of our former writers, Elizabeth Henges, describes the keyboard below : The KM-G12 keyboard itself feels like an absolute tank, too. I feel like it’d last for years and quite a few bad accidents before finally giving out. But it’s important […]

SWE Community Spotlight: Late Career & Retiree Affinity Group

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Each month throughout the year, we’ll be spotlighting a different SWE Affinity Group (AG). The SWE Affinity Groups’ (AGs) mission is to bring together communities that share similar interests and backgrounds that support the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategic goals of SWE. SWE Affinity Group goals: Develop a sense of community in the Affinity Groups fostering an inclusive environment where people discuss experiences in their engineering career, online and offline. Provide professional development opportunities enabling and sponsoring leadership experiences, networking and mentorship. Empower members […]

Homeless man in Texas first person ever to live in 3D-printed house

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A homeless man in Austin, Texas became the first person to ever live in a 3D-printed house. (photo by Jean Carlo Emer via Unsplash) A homeless man has become the first person ever to live in a 3D-printed house. Well, formerly homeless, as 70-year-old Tim Shea now has the 400-square-foot abode located near Austin, Texas to call his own. The New York Post details how Shea struggled for years with a heroin addiction and was previously living in an RV community. However, thanks to nonprofit […]

Tips for Planning Your Summer 2021 Road Trip!

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If you’re like most people, your 2020 travel plans didn’t exactly work out as expected. But with travel restrictions slowly lifting and more places opening up, a 2021 summer road trip is the perfect time to redo some of your 2020 vacation plans, especially when it comes to exploring the U.S. And the best ways to see the country is in an RV! RVs are still a safer, self-contained way to travel. Not only do they make it easy to keep social distancing requirements while […]

Boondocking in Indiana

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Indiana is home to a wide variety of much-visited sites that include metropolitan cities, national forests, state parks, and a state border on the shores of Lake Michigan. Indiana Sand Dunes National Park is also in Indiana and is located on the southern shores of Lake Michigan. If you are looking for a free place to boondock in your RV, then you can find several options in any of the national forests and often in several of the state forests. This type of boondocking or […]

Get a 2TB External Hard Drive for $57 and Store All Your Darkest Secrets In It

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2TB WD External Hard Drive | $57 | Best Buy How much storage does one human being need? In the past, we’ve seen Best Buy discount 16TB external hard drives that look like the obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey . That seems like overkill for most people, but 2TB f storage? Now we’re talking. Best Buy currently has a 2TB WD Easystore external hard drive on sale for $57. It’s the perfect size for more casual PC users who want a cheap way to […]

How to Make Easter Fun for Teenagers

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Photo: EvgeniiAnd (Shutterstock) A child’s delight in hunting for Easter eggs (and consuming all the jelly beans stashed inside), dying eggs in vibrant colors, and digging through baskets full of chocolate bunnies may start to wane as they hit their pre-teen and teenager years. Your pastel plastic tablecloth with the flowers and bunnies is suddenly deeply uncool, and they’re rolling their eyes at your enthusiastic suggestion that they peel themselves off the couch to go looking for all the plastic eggs you hid for them. […]

How to Get In On the Lawsuit Against Apple’s Terrible MacBook Keyboards

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Photo: Africa Studio (Shutterstock) A California judge has certified a class-action lawsuit against Apple for the damage-prone butterfly keyboard design included in MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models manufactured between 2015 and 2019. The case alleges Apple knowingly sold the fragile keyboards despite numerous complaints and repair requests for broken, unresponsive keyboards—and though you can’t join the suit just yet, this is something you can do right now to help build the case against the company. According to the MacBook Pro Keyboard Litigation website […]

When to Watch This Month’s ‘Worm Moon’ at Its Peak Brilliance

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Photo: Michael Andrew Just (Shutterstock) This year’s celestial calendar is in full swing, with the next visual treat primed to appear in the night sky on Sunday, March 28: the Worm Moon. This particular moon will be large and easy to spot as it hangs high above the Earth, as it always does during its annual March appearance. Here’s more background on the Worm Moon and how it derives its earthy name. What’s a ‘Worm Moon’? The Worm Moon is March’s full moon. Every month […]

Everything You Should Know Before You Bring a Dog Home for the First Time

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Photo: astarot (Shutterstock) Owning a dog is so full of challenges that bringing one home might seem like the easy part. But there’s a lot more to it than buying food, toys , and a leash. Here’s what you need to know to make your dog’s homecoming as happy as possible. Dogs need time and space to adjust to new surroundings, so your very first task is to give your new buddy a safe, cozy spot of their own. The Oregon Humane Society (OHS) recommends […]

9 Unexpected Things You Should Season With MSG

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Graphic: Elena Scotti, Photo: Getty Images, Shutterstock Monosodium glutamate is a crystalized flavor enhancer that makes pretty much any savory food taste good . You can put it in almost any sauce, soup, stew, or dressing, and it will make it just a little bit better. We’ve already discussed MSG’s more obvious applications , but that was years ago, and I’ve discovered a few unique and unexpected uses for the umami amplifier since then. Come with me on a flavor journey, won’t you?

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