It may not be the kind of story you’re looking for, but when I was ~11 years old my family had headed out in an RV rental that broke down. We had traveled around 10 hours from home, had our vacation, but then on the day before coming back the engine started making noises and wasn’t running well. After my folks contacted the owner we took it to a mechanic who found some things in the engine had to be replaced before it could be driven any further. It would die on the highway otherwise. This effectively put an end to the trip since it would be days in the shop. Since we had to get back for my fathers work we left the RV behind with the mechanic and rented a car from Hertz to drive home in. HOO-BOY. Let me preface this by saying this was our first experience with an RV. We learned a lot. 2000ish Jayco whatever class C on a E350. In 2013 we were traveling from TX to TN. While going through road construction, that reduced the interstate from 3 lanes to one (concrete barriers,) the rig stalls. During the tail end of rush hour. Thankfully, there was a break in the barriers not too far up and we were able to start it, move a little before it stalled, start again, move a little, stall, and repeat until we got to a shoulder. We got a lot of middle fingers along with […]