Whether you’re traveling the country and roadschooling your children or you head out on weekend adventures with your family, there are many great ways to make memories when you travel by RV! However, you also want to make sure your children are safe while you travel. Carseat laws and carseat safety is different for RVs than it is for standard vehicles and you’ll want to read the following carefully to make sure your most precious cargo is secure. Carseat Laws For RV Travel There are a few variables in what you need to know about carseat laws for children. First, you’ll want to know the carseat laws for each state you’re driving in or through. Carseat Laws by State It’s important to remember that state carseat laws are the minimum restrictions you should consider for your children. State carseat laws are a compromise between safety experts and lawmakers who need to consider many things including what is practical, enforceable, and what rules their citizens will actually follow. You definitely don’t want to do less than the rules specify and you may want to do more. You can find a list of states and their carseat laws here – simply click on the state or states in which you are traveling to find out their requirements. If you’re driving through several states you’ll want to abide by the strictest regulations and then you can be sure you’re in compliance in every state you visit. Carseat Safety for RVs The restraint […]