I have been looking for a rather rare model of trailer/camper (even more rare in Canada) for over 2 years. Older model, very hard to find in good condition. A beautiful one came up for sale today. I spoke with the owner, and it has been meticulously maintained. Has been kept indoors in a large out building it’s entire life. And of course, this happens during the US/Canada border closure. We are not allowed to travel for anything other than if we are essential, and I’m not willing to bend those rules even if it was possible. So my only option seems to be to pay the owner the full amount and have him park it in an RV storage facility until I can go pick it up. I’m just wondering if there is any way I can mitigate the risk of doing this in the process of the actual sale. I thought about calling the RV storage facility in the sellers area and paying for monthly storage fees so that I am the only one who can take the trailer away from there. I’ve just never done this sort of thing before and don’t know what my options could be. I don’t know anyone personally in the sellers area, and I don’t have friends that know anyone personally there. I don’t feel great about sending someone that much money and just hoping everything goes well and that they’ll drop it off and leave it at the storage place. […]