You might think of a Ford Ranger as a small pickup truck, one that’s certainly not hefty enough to tow an RV. And you’d be wrong. The Ranger does seem to suffer a bit from its reputation. Ford Motor Company rolled it out in 1983 as a fuel-efficient compact designed for light duties. It was discontinued for the better part of a decade before being reintroduced as a much more muscular mid-sized truck in 2019. With the modern makeover, today’s Ford Ranger is a versatile vehicle with a lot going for it. It offers comparatively good gas mileage, and there’s lots of power under the hood that gives it impressive hauling capabilities. While it’s not exactly a towing beast like some of its larger relatives in the F-series ( or these best half-ton trucks ), it isn’t puny either. Without question, the Ford Ranger is a viable partner for many, but not all, towable RVs. How Much Can a Ford Ranger Tow? Today’s Rangers have a turbo-charged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and are available with a 10-speed automatic transmission and optional four-wheel-drive. There are two body styles with two bed lengths and there are three different trim levels – the base model Ranger XL, the intermediate Ranger XLT (with improved technology and safety features) and the more luxurious Ranger Lariat. When equipped with an optional tow package, the 2021 Ford Ranger can tow up to 7,500 pounds and has a payload of 1,860 pounds. What Types of Camper Can the […]