Can a Ford Escape Tow an RV Trailer? People tow RVs with all kinds of vehicles. However, just because you see someone else doing it, doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Today we are going to review what the Ford Escape tow capabilities are. That way, you can make an informed decision on your RV purchase and decide for yourself if your Ford Escape can tow the trailer you’ve been eyeing. Let’s dive in. About the Ford Escape The Ford Escape is a great mid-sized SUV . The 2021 model starts at an MSRP of $24,885. For the highest trim package, you’ll be looking at a price tag of just over $34,000. There are also 2 hybrid options in 2021. It is an amazing choice for people who care about fuel economy (which, don’t we all?!). That’s because the Ford Escape gets up to an impressive 44 mpg city and 37mpg highway. It also packs up to 250 hp and comes with a variety of engine choices, trim packages, and more. The 2021Escape also offers some wonderful modern features including auto-adjusting cruise control, lane centering, and an onboard navigation system with points of interest included. Definitely a great bonus for people like us who are always traveling! What is the Ford Escape Towing Capacity? The towing capabilities vary depending on which model and trim package you buy. The range is between 1,500-3,500 pounds. To get up to the 3,500-pound towing capacity, you’ll want to get a model with […]