Camping In Wisconsin Camping In Wisconsin: Four Seasons Of Fun For RVers With its distinctive shape resembling a left hand, Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful states in America. RVers who visit Wisconsin can enjoy four seasons of fun. Bordered by Lake Michigan on the east and the Mississippi River on the west, water is a big draw for the state named “the Land of Gathering Waters” by Ojibwa Indians centuries ago. RVers aren’t the only people who enjoy visiting Wisconsin. There are more than 15,000 lakes within its borders, making it a favorite among anglers, boaters, and paddle sports enthusiasts alike. The state features interesting terrain because glaciers from the world’s Ice Age bypassed a wide swath of land, resulting in unusual geological formations, exquisite bluffs, and spectacular rolling hills not found in the much-flatter nearby states. Located in the upper Midwest, Wisconsin residents love the four seasons which encourage a plethora of outdoor activity. Except for the winter months from mid-November to early April, temperatures are often comfortable the rest of the time. The state is rich in history and is well known for its dairy products, especially cheese curds. In fact, it is estimated a quarter of America’s cheese comes from Wisconsin. Best time to visit Wisconsin The best time to go camping in Wisconsin is generally from early May through the end of October. Winter can be brutally cold, spring can be a bit soggy, summer can be hot and humid, but fall is […]