If you didn’t already know, camping in a school bus is a real thing. In fact, the community refers to this unique type of RV as a skoolie. Since no RV manufacturers build school bus RVs, every skoolie you see on the road is a one-of-a-kind build. They have some obvious benefits. School buses are made to carry a lot of weight. It would be hard to reach its weight limitations. Also, you can find used school buses for super cheap. Many schools auction them off for pennies on the dollar. Today we’re learning how Jason & Taylor took a 2005 bus and renovated it into a beautiful RV. Meet School Bus Renovators Jason & Taylor Jason & Taylor both grew up in Arkansas and met while working at a sushi restaurant in Fayetteville. Taylor recieved her bachelor’s in Biology but couldn’t really find the jobs she wanted in Arkansas. That’s when they started thinking of the idea of a traveling home. Jason is a huge tech nerd and has a remote IT job, so he can work anywhere. Taylor says, “Our favorite things to do are thrift shop, hike, bike and try out the local food!” It’s important to note that neither of them had professional renovation experience before taking on this skoolie-build. If you’re thinking about doing an RV renovation, Jason & Taylor are a great source of inspiration. How long have Jason & Taylor been RVing? Taylor says, “We have been living in our skoolie full-time […]