If you’re looking for RV renovation inspiration, Summer & Ryan Ginther are serving up a healthy dose. This camping couple has transformed two RVs into boho beauties. Today we’re talking to them about their most recent RV renovation undertaking. If you want a quick tour of their camper, you can check out the YouTube video below. However, we recommend scrolling through the entire article to see all the before & after photos. They also share a few great renovation tips. Let’s dive in! How long have the Ginthers been RVing? Summer and Ryan started RVing in June 2019. They purchased their first RV in August of 2018, a 1969 Shasta Compact. Summer says, “We spent the next nine months renovating this travel trailer without intending to live in it. But while renovating it, we decided not to renew our lease on our house and take off full time in June!” After traveling full time in this 70 square foot trailer for eight months, the Ginthers decided to continue the RV lifestyle and purchased their current motorhome in April 2020. Summer and Ryan spent four months renovating their motorhome and have been traveling and living in it since! What type of RV are you currently traveling with? They have a 2001 Shasta Freeport that they renovated. It is a 29 foot Class C motorhome. Pro Tip : If you’re in the market for Class C RVs, here are our 5 favorite Class C Brands . Why did you choose to […]