The latest news about camping and developments in North American campgrounds and RV parks from Janet Groene. DISCLAIMER: These news items are believed current at press time but conditions are still changing quickly, not just because of COVID but because of other factors such as weather and highway conditions. Just before your trip get current information by phoning the campground. Don’t rely solely on websites or Facebook. Full facilities and activities may not be open and COVID restrictions vary. Get specifics about rates, campground facilities, reservation policies, campsite size and shape, and the condition of access roads. No endorsement of any campground or product is implied by this reporter nor this website. FULL ALERT: Because of distancing, fewer campsites are available so it’s more important than ever to get reservations and to be aware of cancellation requirements. The schedules of openings, partial openings, re-closings and cancellations is still in flux and are fixed by state, county and city authorities. They may apply differently to private and public campgrounds and to residents versus non-residents of that state or county. Check ahead for details. DATELINE: December 19, 2020 BRITISH COLUMBIA MAY LOSE FAMILY CAMPGROUND The historic Todd’s RV & Camping campground on Okanagan Lake is for sale. That’s sad news for generations of tenters and RVers who have camped there. Owner Graham Todd said his grandfather bought the property in 1928. What was once his orchard is now a condo development and the present-day campground, started in 1956 by Graham’s parents, […]