RV technology has come a long way in the last five years. Elkhart, Indiana (the RV manufacturing capital of the world), however, has been dragged kicking and screaming into the technological age. In the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s extra challenging to convince old-school manufacturers to integrate the latest trends. Brands like Zamp Solar, Battle Born Lithium Batteries, and Dometic have helped tech-hungry RVers install aftermarket innovations into their RVs. But trends come and go. Technology can fall out of fashion with speed. And the newest RV technology can quickly become overhyped and overrated. We Surveyed 1000 RVers About The Most Overrated RV Technology Trends Here’s how the survey works, we researched the top RV tech and gave six options. Lithium Batteries Cell Boosters Solar Panels Smart Phone Apps RV GPS Router USB Ports We know that a lot of additional RV tech exists. These were simply the most popular and most searched of the tech options. We’ll rank them below from least-overrated to most-overrated. Let’s dive in! RV & Camping Smartphone Apps Smartphone apps are the big winner in this survey. Only 10% of the RVers we surveyed said they’re overrated. It makes a lot of sense. These apps save you money (GasBuddy), help you find camping (Hip Camp), and entertain you along the way (podcast of your choice). 86% of the RVers we surveyed said smartphone apps enhance their camping experience . That’s a huge number! Likewise, only 17% of RVers said their smartphone is a distraction […]