The multitude of thin power and charging cords for phones, tablets and computers need to be accessible, of course, but they can easily end up in a tangle, especially if you only have a few outlets to choose from like we do in RVs. Command hooks can help tame that mess. I decided to tackle a cabinet in our RV that had an electrical outlet in it. It was the perfect place to attach the Command hooks so I could get to the cords while using any of our devices. I first added a multiple outlet plug, like the one above, with USB ports to the standard two-outlet receptacle. The one I chose had the added advantage of also being a surge protector. I then purchased extra long charging cables and plugged them into the outlets. I added the Command hooks spaced at intervals across the cabinet, which allowed some room around the cords. Now each cord has a place to go (and neatly, might I add) so now the cords won’t get tangled together and I won’t spend half the day untangling them! And, they’re out of sight when not in use, which is an added bonus.