A Christmas morning explosion that shook downtown Nashville happened while a Bluffton woman was visiting her daughter in the city. Karleen Johnson said she traveled to Nashville with her friend Todd Offen to visit her daughter Lindsey on Christmas Eve. They stayed at the JW Marriott hotel, which she said was a little over a mile from where the bombing took place. On Christmas morning around 6:30, an explosive detonated inside an RV, causing several injuries and damaging numerous businesses. Johnson said she thought she heard something at the time, but was not completely sure what it could have been. “On Christmas morning around the time the explosion happened, I heard what sounded like a train hooking together when they join cars together,” Johnson said. “It was a jarring sound to me. “We had train tracks below our hotel room and we were on the 26th floor facing the opposite side of the explosion. If we had been in the other room across the hall from us, we would have seen everything completely out of the window.” Johnson said her daughter, who was in another room close to a window, said she heard what sounded like thunder as the window shook, making her think there had been an earthquake. “She said she just laid there because she did not know what was going on,” Johnson said. “I did hear police sirens, but I thought at first it was a wreck and so I was going to go back to […]