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If you will shop at Amazon this holiday season , please visit through our affiliate site (we get a little […]

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How To Camp And Make It A Trip You’ll Never Forget


Camping is a great way to let go of stress and bad emotions. Nowadays almost everyone has a busy life. You might have children, a 9-5 job, a social life and a house. It all takes time and attention, and at the end of the day you’ re exhausted. Camping can give you a break from deadlines, school projects, social media and your daily life. It gives you the opportunity to step back a few days or weeks and do absolutely nothing or just fun activities. And let’s […]

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10 Age-Qualified Resorts In The Rio Grande Valley


Rio Grande Valley 10 Age-Qualified Resorts In The Rio Grande Valley

Many snowbirds head down south every winter to the sunny Rio Grande Valley in the southern tip of Texas. This area renowned for its beautiful scenery and exotic birds has lots to see and do including scenic hiking and biking trails, historic sites, golf courses, a diverse food scene, shopping destinations and more. It’s also within a day’s drive of the scenic beaches on South Padre Island as well as the US-Mexico border.

Several resorts make a great […]

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Does It Snow In Texas?


The Lone Star State is an entity unto itself. Possessing all the natural resources it would need to become its own country, if Texans so desired. The one thing you won’t find much of in Texas, however, is snow.

But, can you actually find snow in Texas at all?

Today we’re talking about “the where and the when,” when it comes to snow in the Lone Star State.

This begs the question: Does it snow in Texas? Texas Snow Report

Since the boundaries of this state are spread far and […]

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Tow Capacity of a 2016 BMW X3 x28i and possible Coachmen Apex 15T


Morning, So I am looking for any guides, or guidance on the realistic towing capacity of my car. The internet tells me its 3500lbs.

I am open to ideas but so far I like the Coachmen Apex 15T, its very light for dry weight which makes me feel better about loading some stuff up. We are a young family of four, kids are only 3 and under 12 months so the bunks will come in handy. My cargo capacity for the car is 906 pounds, which to me seems […]

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These RVers Charge Their Chevy with Solar Panels


In one single hour, more solar energy falls upon the earth than the entire human race uses in one year.

Think of all the possibilities!

Solar power for homes, RVs, tiny houses, boats, and even… electric cars!

Today we’re learning about the Tom & Caitlin Morton – a full-time RVing couple that charges their electric car directly off their RV solar system.

Let’s dive in! The Morton’s 5th wheel RV is maxed out with rooftop solar panels. Can an RV Solar System Set-Up Really Charge an Electric Car?

With a bit […]

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Get Paid $1,000 to Spend in Small Businesses This Holiday Season


Photo: Monkey Business Images (Shutterstock) Not everyone is exchanging gifts this holiday season, but if you are, you may want to consider shopping at local small businesses. After eight months of the pandemic, our neighborhood shops and restaurants could our support more than ever. In fact, between 1.4 million and 2.1 million U.S. small businesses could close permanently as a result of the first four months of the pandemic alone. In addition to shopping at local establishments, you can also enter to get paid $1,000 to spend at […]

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How to Host Video Chats Inside ‘Fortnite’


Photo: Jennie Book (Shutterstock) As I often say, I’m the world’s worst Fortnite player. Unless I can catch someone standing still for an extended period of time and snipe them from an ungodly distance, I take shotguns to the face and build about as well as a three-year old. However, Fortnite is more than just running-and-gunning; there’s a big social component to the game, too, and that’s even more apparent now that you can have full-on video chats within the game itself.

I long for the day that my […]

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Is a Warm Smoothie a Thing You Need?


I have never been much of a smoothie drinker. It just isn’t my vibe. I don’t like to drink my fruit (unless it’s blended into a cocktail); I like to eat my fruit, and I like to drink Diet Coke (and cocktails). This is all to say I may not be the target audience for Tasty’s warm smoothies , though I’m honestly not sure that drinkers of cold smoothies are the audience, either.

Not only do I not understand what type of person would enjoy warm smoothies, I do […]

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How to save money on gas for your RV


Burning Concerns – duckycards/istockphoto Reduce the Weight of Your Vehicle – sshepard/istockphoto Skip the Tow Vehicle – Srdjana1/istockphoto Sign Up for Fuel Station Loyalty Memberships – Good Sam Slide 1 of 21: Exploring the country in an RV can be one of the most memorable and budget-friendly ways to travel. (It also has the advantage of letting travelers avoid hotels and other shared spaces during the pandemic.) In fact, according to one industry study, an RV vacation for a family of four is typically 21% to 64% cheaper […]

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