TWO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #1:2020 has been a very, very difficult year for so many of us, so as the year comes to an end, many of us are struggling both financially and emotionally—but, we have good news for you! One of the members of the community had some extra money this year. So that person generously donated $10,000 to HOWA to distribute to Nomads in Need. So we have purchased $50 and $100 gift cards that we will give to any nomads in need! This will be on the honor system so we ask that if you are NOT in need, to please not take a card and leave it to those in need. However, if you are in need, PLEASE, allow us to share this gift with you! Above everything else, we want you to know that you are NOT alone, that you belong to a Tribe, a Community, and there are people that care about you! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #2: Camp With Bob and Suanne! While there will not be an RTR this year, both Suanne and I are going to take some vacation time from HOWA in January, and you are welcome to come and Camp with us! We’ll post a location and you can come and camp around us and visit and make new friends with the community! THIS IS NOT THE RTR—THERE WILL BE NO ORGANIZED EVENTS OR ACTIVITIES, it’s only a bunch of friends camping together! Suanne = January 21-26, 2021 Bob […]