A dead battery is something no driver wants. Even though cell phones make getting a jump or tow easier than it used to be, having to wait for assistance can be frustrating — particularly when you need to get to your destination. A portable battery charger can help keep your vehicle fully functional and avoid the hassles that come with a dead battery, like waiting for someone to show up with jumper cables or trying to flag down a helpful stranger. A portable battery charger is also a lot smaller than you might think, and it’s a lot easier than jump starting since you don’t have to string bulky cables from one car to another, but that’s not all. “A jump starter provides a lot of amperage (to start the car), and thus they are rather rough on batteries,” says Mike Arman, an electronics expert, vocational school teacher, and author of Motorcycle Electrics Without Pain . Arman has built fuel injection systems and wired countless cars, motorcycles and airplanes. “You are much better off putting it on a regular charger and being patient (if possible). If your car needs repeated jump starts, the battery may be bad or there may be a problem with the charging system.” That said, if you’re going to pick up a portable battery charger, you want to make sure it’s the right one. Here’s a list of some of the best car battery chargers, depending on your specific needs, and based on user reviews […]