Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to RVing from RVtravel.com. The information we present here every Monday through Friday is for brand-new RVers – those in the market to buy their first RV and those who just purchased theirs. If you are an experienced RVer, this material may be too basic for you. This newsletter is funded primarily through advertising and voluntary subscription contributions from our readers. Thanks to all of you! Wednesday, December 16, 2020 If you did not get an email notifying you of this newsletter, sign up here to get one every time it is published. DID YOU MISS reading this morning’s RV Daily Tips Newsletter? Good stuff there . RVing Basics Some tips on keeping your RV awning shut while traveling Howard R. suggested a way to keep awning arms from opening while on the road after he saw this tip in an RV Daily Tips Newsletter: Put the awning in “transport” position, then carefully bore through the closed awning arms, installing a snap lock safety pin. It’ll prevent the arms from opening up without first being removed. From the school of, “Been there, done that,” Howard writes: “While that will indeed keep the arms from opening, it will not stop the awning from possibly deploying due to a worn cam in the roller. If the roller can turn, the awning can deploy.” Howard suggests RVers also look into systems that physically lock the roller up. Thanks, Howard! Leon, an RVer with an “enclosed” Fiama awning, […]