By Gail Marsh Many RVers invest in a television satellite dish. It’s nice to have reliable TV wherever and whenever you want to tune in to your favorite shows, but be careful where you choose to install your TV satellite dish. We heard of one fellow who put his television satellite on the ground right outside his RV. He placed the satellite on a couple of bricks, leveled the unit, and returned inside within 10 minutes. “Genius!” the guy said to himself. “I didn’t have to climb on top of the RV roof. No messing with long lengths of coax cable either. If anything goes wrong, I can go outside and within four steps, easily access my satellite dish and correct any problem!” The genius guy’s TV reception was excellent. With an unobstructed sky view, he and his wife enjoyed many weeks of great television enjoyment. Until suddenly… they didn’t! The confident RVer stepped out of his rig to check on the satellite dish. Nothing seemed amiss. The unit still sat securely atop the bricks and the wires remained well connected. Going back inside, Genius checked the connections on his television. Everything was as it should be. A lengthy call to his TV provider resulted in no solution either. Frustrated, Genius went back outside and picked up the satellite dish to take another, closer look. Sand poured out. Followed by ants. Lots and lots of ants! Dropping the unit, Genius danced around, screaming like a banshee, frantically swiping at […]