Very much a novice but have read a fair number of posts on the topic. Assume a Wolf Pup 17JG (5,000 GVWR, 430 lb. hitch weight according to specs). Looking to get a 2015-2018 F150 SuperCrew for family of 5 road trips (those seem to be in right price range and in decent supply in upstate NY). I know payload will be important. Any general advise on 2.7L V6 vs the 5.0L V8 vs other engines to keep an eye out for? Anyone know if that V6 will be viable in some configurations (keep in mind I don’t know much about engines). So far I have inquired about a couple 2.7L V6 trucks (which seem to be most common on the lots) and was pretty surprised how low the payload was (1394lb per the driver side sticker in one case, 1527lb in the other). thanks