The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is famous for its iconic views and expansive visitor center. Unfortunately, the very things that make it great also make it extremely crowded. If you’re looking for equally gorgeous views of the canyon without all the hustle and bustle, you need to visit the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. Please don’t make the big mistake of missing out on the best rim of the Grand Canyon – the north rim! We’ve got all the details to help you plan your epic trip. Where is the North Rim of the Grand Canyon? The North Rim is located opposite of the South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park. Interestingly, if you hiked the Grand Canyon between the North Rim and South Rim, the hike would only be 21 miles. However, if you drive from rim to rim, the trip is about 220 miles! The North Rim is approximately 207 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona , and the park entrance is 30 miles south of Jacob Lake, Arizona on Highway 67. Once you’ve arrived at the park’s entrance, you will have to drive south an additional 14 miles to reach the actual rim. About The Grand Canyon North Rim One of the reasons the views are so spectacular at the North Rim is the elevation. The rim’s elevation is 8,297 feet (2,529 meters). That’s about 1,000 feet higher than the South Rim. This elevation also makes for a much cooler visit. While temperatures at the South Rim […]