NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – An attorney representing lawyer Ray Throckmorton III refutes claims by metro police that Throckmorton did not give them permission to search the RV of bomber Anthony Warner in August 2019. Attorney Jim Roberts said he’s been retained by Throckmorton, and Warner’s ex-girlfriend, for several reasons, including to respond to the claims by police. A police report shows that on August 21, 2019, Throckmorton called 911 to report that his client, Warner’s ex-girlfriend, threatened to take her own life and had guns at her property. In the call, Throckmorton also alerts them to Warner, saying Warner was having mental and emotional problems and was allegedly building bombs at his house. Warner was also a prior client of Throckmorton. The police report shows that Throckmorton told them that Warner was capable of making a bomb. But police said when they later tried to look into Warner’s RV, Throckmorton told them Warner didn’t like police and that he wouldn’t be able to let police on the property. At a news conference on January 1, 2020, metro police chief John Drake did not mention Throckmorton by name but said on August 29, 2019. A police officer asked an attorney if he could look inside the RV parked behind Warner’s home. Drake recalled that the officer said that the attorney informed him that Warner did not care for the police and “I am not going to be able to let him let you do that.” “(We) had an attorney who […]