Something to celebrate in 2020 At Least One Good Thing For RVers Happened In 2020 The year 2020 will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Despite that, RVers had something to celebrate this year. iRV2.com , the premier forum for RVers young and old, new or experienced, celebrated its 20th year. Before Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram even existed, RVers were learning and benefiting from iRV2. In fact, when iRV2.com first came on the scene, people were still using America Online. Twenty years ago, RV slideouts were only a decade old and just hitting their stride. RVers realized that the best place to discuss the complexities of RVing was in a knowledge-filled forum like iRV2. Lest I forget, the people on this forum have been a tremendous comfort and joy to interact with as well. I love irv2.com! User ‘KoolBell’ Still going strong As we gratefully prepare to leave 2020 behind us, iRV2.com is stronger than ever. RVers have realized the depth of knowledge available in a properly moderated forum. Free of the bias and bickering often found in social media, RVers find quality information and answers at iRV2. Unlike current social media content, answers on iRV2 stick around for decades, are easily accessible, and come from knowledgeable members that are happy to share their RVing experiences, not their snide remarks or political opinions. The best RV forum With nearly 5.5 million posts, you can be certain that iRV2 has the answers you need. Perhaps you […]