Remanufactured parts, or more commonly called “remanned parts,” are products made by a manufacturer that have been returned for various reasons. Some examples are: defective or failed, cosmetic blemishes, or plain old returned for unknown reasons. If this product is returned directly to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), then this may be the first time this part/product/equipment will be thoroughly inspected, dissected, and tested to find the failure. Generally, a highly skilled and knowledgeable technician will review what is wrong with the product/part and repair it with a fully tested and functioning replacement part. Dealing with untimely failure By late spring and summer of 2020, numerous companies could not keep up with RVers’ repair/replacement demands. This was due to widespread shortages in work personnel, raw material(s) and sub-assemblies required to manufacture their standard part(s), products and/or equipment. This was all due to the disruption in business caused by COVID-19. In August 2020, while we were boondocking at Cabela’s in Rapid City, SD, our right rear leveling jack seal blew. This caused our 40,000-pound diesel pusher to precipitously fall, spewing hydraulic fluid all over the ground. Concurrently, this untimely failure caused the extended left rear leveling jack to also collapse, bending its foot and mounting bracket in an unrepairable configuration. Fun, fun, fun! Slaying the service dragon! We called several RV service dealers in the surrounding area. All reported they were several weeks out for replacement service and confided they also couldn’t get any parts. To our credit, we were […]