By Russ and Tiña De Maris He must be one of Warner Brothers’ favorites: Wile E. Coyote, facing off in those “can’t win” situations with the Roadrunner. No, that poor desert coyote just couldn’t ever seem to get it straight. Sadly, many people – including some well-meaning RVers – can’t seem to get it straight about coyotes either. If you RV just about anywhere in the U.S., you may have occasion to run into the humble coyote. Come winter, many of the contacts are in the Desert Southwest, where the relatively warm winters bring thousands of RVers out onto the desert and into prime coyote country. “Are the coyotes dangerous?” “Will they eat my dog?” “Should I carry a gun?” These are frequent questions of newcomers to coyote country. Some, sitting by the firelight, will head for the rig as soon as a coyote “tunes up” anywhere nearby. For those familiar with Canis latrans, the howl of the ‘yote is pure music to the ear. What do desert coyotes eat? The desert coyote is a fairly small critter compared to his mountain-dwelling cousin. Quartzsite coyotes run about the size of a mid-sized collie. What do they dine on? Typically the desert coyote is only interested in rabbits, mice, an occasional baby mountain sheep and plenty of ground squirrels. They’ll also eat bugs, fruits and vegetables. Don’t leave your dog, cat or other small companion out in harm’s way because the opportunistic coyote may take a bite. It’s always wise […]