If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s probably happened to someone you know: As if triggered by your purchase, a new Apple product seems to appear just as you’ve gotten your shiny new gadget set up just right. Best case scenario, the upgrades are minor and you don’t have to sweat it too much, but every so often something comes along that makes your recent purchase feel obsolete before you’ve even had the chance to enjoy it. That’s what happened to me after I ordered a MacBook Pro in June of last year. I’d spent the past year-and-a-half doing all my freelance work and hobby writing on my iPad Pro , but my workflow eventually pushed that to its limits and I needed something capable of more multitasking. At the time, Apple had already announced its plans to transition to ARM, so I knew that new laptops might be on the horizon, but I’d assumed there would be enough first-generation hiccups to make it worth holding off for a while. After the reviews started to publish in November, it quickly became clear I’d made a mistake. Sure, my MacBook Pro was perfectly adequate for my daily flow of reading the news, writing, and the occasional bit of illustration work—my purchase had more than paid off. Still, the praise for the M1 laptops’s wildly impressive battery life and speeds couldn’t be ignored, and my computer started to feel a bit older than any fresh purchase ideally would. So, I weighed […]